Articles and demo projects

Showcase projects that demonstrate solutions to single issues

Factory Pattern in Godot

This demo project showcases different ways to create instances of objects in Godot.

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Grid Movement

This project demonstrates how to make a character move on a grid using animations.

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Timed Click Bar

This project demonstrates how to create an animated bar for quick time events.

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Lasting Collisions

This project demonstrates how to use get_overlapping_bodies() to handle lasting collisions.

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2D Distortion Shader

This project demonstrates how to write a simple distortion shader to animate sprites.

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Game projects that can be used as starting points for your games


This is a sample project for a Roll-a-ball-like game.


This is a sample project for a sidescrolling shooter.

Architecture demos that demonstrate project structures


This is a very basic project that showcases object orientation and different types of programming in Godot.

X or O

Another very basic demo project as an example for object orientation.

General programming articles on general programming topics

Using FSharp in Godot

This article explains how to use FSharp for writing game code in Godot.

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Using FSharp in Godot - Part 2

This article explains some caveats when working with FSharp in Godot.

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